Cold Storage: Reduce Ice Build-up with a Dehumidifier

Desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to control moisture in the air to reduce humidity and condensation. Dehumidified air in cold storage reduces ice build-up, combats mould and bacterial growth and increases refrigeration efficiency. Regulated frost-free cooling in cold storage environments prevents saturation and stickiness of products and makes the workplace more pleasant for your staff.

In a sub-tropical climate like the Australia, it is a fact of life that warm air will always find its way into a cold storage area. Installing a dehumidification unit ensures the moisture in the warm air that forms ice is removed, along with condensation around doorways and on ceilings.

Dehumidification of your cold storage will make the environment safer and more sanitary – floors will stay dry, ceilings will not drip onto staff and produce, and doors without ice build- up will seal properly. Dehumidification will also increase the efficiency of your refrigeration system as it will not be labouring under increasing defrost cycles caused by condensation and ice build-up.

There is no down-side to dehumidification systems in cold storage facilities. Once you have one working for you, it will be hard to imagine how you survived without it. Health and safety standards are easier to maintain in dehumidified cold storage, and you will save money on energy costs and wages. Discover how a dehumidifier can save your business money. Call Humiscope on the Gold Coast to find out more!