Gelatin Capsules

dehumidifiers for bulk handling and silos

There are two different types of gelatin capsules, dry and hard.  Once formed gelatin has to be dried carefully without excessive heat.

Humiscope provides equipment to accurately control humidity levels so that no shrinking takes place.


Pan Coating


Coating for pharmaceutical products is done for a variety of reasons.  The coating is applied using a drying process using a rotation pan.

Humiscope can supply dry air at a specific humidity and temperature level to evaporate moisture in the pan and allow the coating to dry on the base. 

Tablet Manufacturing

humidity control for tablets

Effervescent tablets are dissolved in water before being consumed.  Thus the ingredients of effervescent tables are extremely hygroscopic.  To avoid unwanted moisture absorption, the relative humidity of the air must be kept at a low level during the manufacturing process until the product is enclosed in a moisture tight package.