dehumidifiers for bulk handling and silos

Maximise the life time of bridges.  By controlling the relative humidity of the air, it is possible to avoid the potentially damaging effects of corrosion in such places as anchor chambers. 

Humiscope can provide dehumidifiers for permanent installation or to use temporarily whilst bridges are being repainted. 


Concrete Drying 

dehumidifiers for cold storage

Excess moisture in concrete slabs can cause flooring failure. Most coating and flooring manufacturers won't guarantee their product when moisture content is above 5%. Thus it becomes increasing important to remove moisture within the concrete slabs using a industrial size dehumidifier. 

Humiscope rent out industrial dehumidifiers to help contractors dry out concrete tanks and freezer floors.

Sandblasting of Vessels

humidity control for confectionery

Condensation on freshly sandblasted or painted tank surfaces can be a serious problem; particularly if unfavourable weather continues for any length of time.

Humiscope rents out industrial dehumidifiers to lower RH and the dew point of the surrounding air in order to reduce the risk of condensation.


  1. Surface preparation can be carried out regardless of outside factors such as air temperature, pollution or season

  2. Blasting can be done without double or triple shifts, which can save up to 20% in labour costs

  3. The painting contractor can plan and carry out his work with no risk of expensive downtime