Step One: Contact us

No matter the project, we make our customers requirements A Reality

Call or email and tell us about your project.  It might be a fully developed technical specification, or you’ve a rough idea of what you’re looking for and not sure how to proceed, or you have no idea how to resolve your humidity control issues.

In all instances, you’ve made the right move to contact us.

We have the experience and knowledge that comes from working across an extensive range of industry sectors from; food processing, freezer applications, art galleries, hospitals and more. And we put this to use the minute we start talking about your needs, so you know your project is in expert hands.




Step Two: Selection & Design

At Humiscope we look beyond what our clients want. We look at why they want it

By understanding why you are looking at humidity control, we can understand where you are coming from and select the best equipment for your needs.

Our dedicated and experienced engineers work with you to ensure that the selection and design process meets your needs; budget and timing.  Our highly qualified and experienced engineers then ensure that your project starts off on the track towards success.  They know what unit works best in different situations and can give you the right technical advice from selection to installation.

And, if you have an existing system, we’ll work you to retrofit existing air handling systems to install humidity control options.  Even when the design specifications are underway our team will transition smoothly side by side with your project team.



Step Three: Service & Maintenance


Maintenance is the key to all equipment life.  Well maintained equipment can operate continuously for 20 years or longer (desiccant dehumidifiers only).  Periodic inspections by Humiscope technicians will foresee problems and prevent breakdowns.


Your Humiscope equipment was purchased to create specific conditions vital to your operation.  When equipment is not maintained, operation can become less efficient.  The results you expect are compromised and the costs of operation may increase.



Our trained technicians can diagnose failures and recommend replacement components before an emergency develops.  Thus preventative maintenance can virtually eliminate equipment breakdowns, minimising the cost to your operations.



Spare parts are kept in our Humiscope warehouse.