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With over 20 years combined experience in designing, installing and servicing commercial and industrial dehumidifiers, Humiscope is your solution to humidity problems.

Let Humiscope regulate your humidity problems and you will find that production processes and storage options become more efficient, and quality, durability, and hygiene are improved.

We aim to provide solutions which produce the ideal climate whilst lowering energy consumption and the environmental impact. The running and maintenance of our

dehumidifiers are very cost effective so capital and operating costs are kept to a minimum, and with the right maintenance your dehumidifier could last for 20 years!


Dehumidification is much more sophisticated than heating a space. Dehumidifiers work by recirculating the same air and physically removing the moisture from it. This alleviates the need to continuously reheat all the incoming air. Not only that, a commercial dehumidifier also converts energy taken out of the room as moisture, to create a ‘sensible energy’ that can be used to heat the room, which accelerates the drying process.

The wide range of dehumidifier units we supply, service and maintain, will ensure there is a system to fit every need. From high tech problems that require specific industry systems to a simple off the shelf mobile dehumidifier that you can plug in and go - Humiscope has the right solution for your humidity problems.


In your pool areas and leisure rooms where volumes of water cause considerable evaporation, efficient dehumidification is crucial. The moisture has to go somewhere, or it will make the humidity high and uncomfortable and may even cause rot and decay in your building.

Your dehumidifier will firstly protect your building against rot and corrosion and secondly – but equally important – it ensures a comfortable environment for the people using the facilities. In swimming pools, spas, shower rooms and gymnasiums where you notice high relative humidity and condensation reducing the well-being of the occupants or causing damage to the building, efficient dehumidification is crucial.

Pool dehumidifiers work according to the condensation principle. They are cost-effective, energy-efficient, user-friendly and close to silent in operation. Installation is flexible on the wall or floor. Which means the units can be installed and running quickly and easily, providing comfort to your clients and visitors which will, in turn, mean greater income for you.

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When your company needs help with humidity, call Humiscope today - we’ll assist you in building the right humidity control solution for your needs.

  • We service and maintain all types of desiccant dehumidification systems including Fisair and Munters.
  •  We also supply replacement desiccant rotors if required.