Rental Dehumidifiers: Site Shut Down

Why Rent Dehumidifier? 

Controlling humidity in environments is vital to ensuring efficient project work or business continuity. At Humiscope we understand that requirements may change depending on seasonal variations in humidity or on project work.

That is why we provide short  and long term rental options to help our customers always achieve the best environmental conditions possible.

Use Humiscope to meet your requirements and realise the following benefits:

  • Large range of dehumidifiers with fast & efficient delivery options.
  • Knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs.
  • High quality equipment correctly maintained and serviced.
  • Short and long term rental options.
"the DFRC 0500 has been used for applications such as Pet food drying. Helping the client's production time to be faster than initially planned by altering the airflow"