Cardboard and Paper Storage

Avoid storage boxes softening and collapsing

dehumidifiers for bulk handling and silos

Stacking boxes on top of each other, maximises storage space.  However, cardboard and paper are sensitive to humidity.  When the cardboard absorbs the moisture from the surrounding air it tends to collapse, especially under weight. 

To maintain the mechanical strength of cardboard boxes, humidity levels need to be controlled.  Humiscope provide portable or permanent commercial grade dehumidifiers to control humidity levels. 

Photographic Film

dehumidifiers for cardboard and paper

The long term storage of paper and film records needs very special conditions.  For example old flammable nitrate film shrinks and decomposes with age and needs to be carefully copied onto modern safety film if it is to be preserved. Humidity is a key factor affecting acetate film degeneration. The optimum conditions required are 30% Relative Humidity at 20°C if the safety of the stored film is to be guaranteed. Extensive research work has shown that, without doubt, humidity is the most significant factor affecting acetate film degradation.

Seed Storage

Extend Seed Life. Protect Against Fungus and Mould Attacks

humidity control for seed storage

Seed storage facilities protect a very large investment.  The cost of seed can be very high, and in research applications, the seeds may be irreplaceable at any price.  Thousands of dollars and hours of costly effort can be lost at a single stroke when fungus and mould attack seeds in storage.  Humiscope supply Fisair dehumidifiers to protect against this threat.

Humiscope dehumidifiers deal with the problem directly by absorbing the moisture from the air as a vapour.  There are no cooling coils to freeze, no condensate to drain and the desiccant that absorbs the moisture becomes even more efficient in cold weather.


Timber Drying 

remove moisture from timber

High quality timber typically needs to be dried out to prevent timber warping, shrinkage, and weakening.  At Humiscope we design systems to dry out timber, based on an allocated quantity level and time frame. 

Yacht Preservation

humidity control for yachts

Wet sails and water ingress into the hull are a familiar problem to yachtsmen the world over. Using industrial scale dehumidifiers will not only dry out sales but protect the boat from condensation, mould  and staining year round.