The Technology For Precise Humidity Control

The air humidity in a room has a significant influence on the room climate and thus has a great influence on the well-being of people or on the stability of industrial processes that take place in a room

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Resistive Steam Generators

Steam cylinders with resistance heater elements made of highly corrosive-resistant alloy are suitable for a wide variety of water qualities, especially for treated water. They offer an extremely high level of control accuracy and ensure a virtually continuous and maintenance-free operation

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Electrode Steam Generators

Electrode steam humidifiers are an optimal solution when simple and reliable steam humidification is required. Due to the high amount of material, the solid full-surface electrodes of HygroMatik are particularly durable and are very well suited for use with tap water. The electrodes have to be exchanged less often, which in turn keeps the maintenance costs low

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Add humidity while cooling warm dry air. The Fisair HEF range offers many different solutions for this specific need. They range from the most hygienic systems for treating the air in buildings used by people, to larger units capable of cooling large industrial premises, and obtaining major savings as well as thermal wellbeing


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