Hospitals, Nursing homes, Surgery Rooms and Veterinary Activities

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Humidity control is important in the medical industry for a number of reasons. Temperature and humidity levels are factors in the growth of harmful bacteria and viruses. Humidity levels are also important for doctor and patient comfort.

Control temperature and humidity regardless of the season or capacity limitations of the existing air handling system in the rest of the building. 

Ice Rinks

Common problems in ice rinks are system-surface fog, roof dripping and soft ice

dehumidifiers for ice rinks

Keeping the ice rink dry can solve theses problems. Dehumidification systems for ice arenas are simple, effective in preventing humidity problems and inexpensive - provided the building does not leak an excessive amount of air.

Blocking air leaks is essential to an economical installation.

IT Centers

Keep data centers cool and condensation free

dry and cool data centres

The IT industry is responsible for over 2% of the world's carbon footprint and data centers and the fastest growing part of the foot print.

Keeping data centers comfortable and operational 24 hours a day, is essential. Thus Humiscope is focused on solutions that reduce energy and carbon emissions associated with data center operations.


Biological, Animal Research, Chemical and Electronic Laboratories

humidity control for laboratories

In laboratories it is important to safeguard against tests being influenced by temperature and humidity conditions. Changes in humidity can lead to costly problems for laboratories since test results are able to be challenged. 

At Humiscope, we provide customised solutions to control temperature and humidity.  We can provide equipment to control relative humidity to below 20% RH. 

Museums and Libraries

Preserve Organic Materials, Books, Metals, Ceramics, Glass and Film

humidity control for archive museums and libraries

Humidity and excess amounts of water vapour are a real threat to the continued preservation of objects such as books, film and materials.  Once moisture damage, bacterial growth, corrosion have occurred, the object will probably never return to it's formal condition.

Humiscope supply specialist equipment to museums, libraries and archives to control humidity and temperature. 

Sporting Facilities

Gymnasiums, Sport Halls, Showers and Locker Rooms

humidity control solutions for gyms

The demanding environment of gyms can be difficult to control.  They can run up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with lots of sweat, humidity and people in a compact area. The excessive and consistent exposure of humidity to the gym not only creates odours and bacteria on the expensive equipment, but may also encourage deterioration of the facility and its materials.

By controlling the humidity, you will prevent damage caused by condensation and also promote a healthier, more comfortable environment for your customers and personnel.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Humidity control for indoor swimming pools and WET AREAS

swimming pool dehumidifiers

Swimming pools have historically been very difficult for HVAC systems to condition.  High temperature and high humidity environments are uncomfortable as well as a breeding ground for bacteria.  Humiscope provide Dantherm CDP pool dehumidifiers to maintain humidity in these areas.  They are cost-effective, energy-efficient, user-friendly and close to silent in operation.  Installation is flexible on the wall or floor.