Portable & Modular Air Conditioners

Controlling temperature in environments is vital to ensuring efficient project work or business continuity.  At Humiscope we understand that requirements may change depending on seasonal variations in temperature or due to the unexpected breakdown of existing equipment. 

Use Humiscope to meet your requirements and realise the following benefits:

  • Large range of air-conditioners with fast & efficient delivery options
  • Knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs
  • High quality equipment correctly maintained and serviced

Available Equipment



Portable Air Conditioner

Features spot cooling for large areas where cooling of the entire area is not practical.  A dedicated spot cooling  thermostat controls the unit. This unit can also be used in smaller areas for room cooling.  A control panel provides ease of use and contains a self diagnostic function and display, showing operating modes, room and set temperatures and faults. Caster wheels are included for easy portability. 



This unit has the ability to move easily from room to room using our portable kit. It is available for spot cooling for large areas where cooling of the entire space is not practical. This air conditioner can also be used in smaller spaces for room cooling.  It can be mounted in a server rack or hung using a ceiling mount kit. Units can be stacked three high.  Various accessories available to suit customers needs. 


Water cooled Air Conditioner

Excellent units designed for fast installation and start up.  They are useful where access to outside  is difficult and some distance from internal rooms.  Heat exchanger (outdoor unit) can be placed up to 30 meters away.  Economical and quite units, they do not need water provided continuously and can be placed in office spaces.  A control panel provides easy of use and a self diagnostic function.  Choice of continuous operation or automatic timer.

What Air Conditioner do I Require?

Humiscope are happy to help with the selection and advise the best set up for your application.  We will discuss your requirements, time frame and budget to come up with a suitable solution.

To make Humiscope an integral part of your business, call us on  (07) 5531 1686 and open an account today.