Complete Climate Control: Indoor Pools


By aiming to simplify the search for a design specific to each application, we can provide viable options to suit each project.

For comfort and building protection

A humidity level be between 50% and 60% relative humidity (RH) is desired to create a comfortable environment within the space as well as protect the room and structure of the building. Below 50% RH you can increase health issues and of course the cost to dehumidify below 50% RH becomes too high (energy balance). Above 60% RH you reduce dehumidification cost but then increase health risk and humidity damage to the building.

For health reasons

We also select a humidity level between 50% and 60% relative humidity (RH) for comfort and health reasons. Although many people think humidity control in an indoor pool hall is purely for comfort and structure protection, we also have to be concerned about bacteria and mould growth, respiratory infections and more. All of these can flourish in a humid environment or even in an environment that is too dry, we call this the health balance.

Ideally, maintaining an energy and health balance in the space is the most desired outcome for optimal efficiency.

Dantherm CDP_T.jpg

Wall and ducted units

Dehumidification only

Ideal for small spaces where temperature control already exists.


HUmidity And temperature

Dehumidification and heating/cooling

Be in complete control of the indoor pool climate with the Dantherm DanX range. With options for additional heating or cooling, this range is the package.

DanX XWPRS with TT module - without filter module.jpg

commercial VENTILATION

Complete Control Systems

Dehumidification, heating/cooling and fresh air ventilation

Large demands for airflow and climate control with advanced air monitor control.

HINT: Are you designing a new project and unsure of how to approach a suitable design for an indoor pool?

Visit our indoor pool moisture calculator page so we can assist!

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