Main features and advantages:

  • Complete construction in stainless steel AISI304.
  • Standard range completely defined.
  • High efficient/hygienic evaporative media pad.
  • Non-combustible (Fire-Proof tested) inorganic (fiber glass) evaporative media pad.
  • Glue free media pad assembly that allows high saturation efficiency and low pressure drop.
  • Works with all type of water including demineralized water.
  • Silver ion on media pad surface (anti bacterial and fungus protection).
  • Media pad assembled in standard cassettes for maintenance and replacement purposes.
  • Allows maintenance by sides or front.
  • Easy and fast “slide in” assembly in the AHU.
  • High efficient irrigation system developed for a uniform distribution of water in the media pad.
  • Droplet separator in PolyPropylene material VDI 6022 certified.
  • Droplet separator “ready”, when is not selected.
  • Complete draining of the water to comply with hygienic standards.
  • Hygienic Certified according the VDI 6022 standard.
  • Standard available sizes from 570 mm x 350 mm (425 m3/h@2,5 m/s) up to 3075 mm x 2400 mm (55.000 m3/h@2,5 m/s), in one piece assembly,  and up to 6150 mm x 4800 mm in modular assembly (220.000 m3/h@2,5 m/s).
  • Low operating costs.


  • Humidification/Cooling of the supply air.
  • Cooling of the return/exhaust air to increase the efficiency in the Heat Exchanger (wheel or plate cross/counter flow).
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