Why Rent a Dehumidifier?

Controlling humidity in environments is vital to ensuring efficient project work or business continuity.  At Humiscope we understand requirements may change depending on seasonal variations in humidity or on project work.

That is why we provide short and long term rental options to help our customers always achieve the best environmental conditions possible.

Use Humiscope and realise the following benefits:

  • Large range of dehumidifiers with fast and efficient delivery options
  • Knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs
  • High quality equipment correctly maintained and serviced
  • Short and long term rental options


Available Equipment 

dehumidifier flood damage.png
small dehumidifier
HCD600 dehumidifier humiscope


Robust and portable, the Aider65L is perfect for construction, flood restoration and small drying room applications. These dehumidifiers feature large wheels for ease of mobility and internal condensate pumps for no-hassle water removal.

MG90  - 90m3/hr

Great for small areas, the MG90 is a portable dehumidifier perfect for small jobs. This dehumidifier is typically used for small rooms which need to be kept dry, small tanks or under house applications.

HCD600 - 1020m3/hr

With a tough exterior, the HCD600 is built for all conditions. This unit is great for applications which may need to store the dehumidifier outside.  These units are often used to keep fuel tanks warm and dry during sandblasting, coating and painting.

ML1100 Large dehumidifier
HCD1125 tough conditions dehumidifier

ML1100 - 1100m3/hr

The ML1100s are our largest indoor rated dehumidifier. This unit is great for removing moisture from food processing plants that suffer from high humidity levels. 

HCD units - 1910 to 8000 m3/hr

The HCD range of units 1125 to 7600 area a key part of our rental fleet. Like the HCD600 this unit can be placed outside and withstand tough conditions. 



Equipment for Water Damage & Moisture Control

We maintain, and stock, an extensive range of rental equipment to meet your water damage and moisture control requirements.  This range enables Humiscope to respond efficiently to all manners of moisture control both large and small. 


What Dehumidifier do I require?

Humiscope are happy to help with the selection and advise the best set up for your application.  We will discuss your requirements, time frame and budget to come up with a suitable solution.

To make Humiscope an integral part of your business, call us on  (07) 5531 1686 and open an account today.