Innovative DC Air Conditioners


Being a leader in innovation for HVAC systems, Dantherm has developed a new range of DC air conditioning systems

Ideal for Remote Operations and Isolated Locations


DC Split air conditioner 3500

48V DC Split Air Conditioner for Telecom cabinets, enclosures and battery compartments.

The Dantherm DC Split Air Conditioner is a high-efficiency, purely DC-powered split air conditioner for Telecom networks. Eliminating the need for an inverter with capabilities far beyond those of conventional comfort cooling systems makes this the ultimate solution for cooling on remote field applications.

DC 450W.jpg

DC Air Conditioner 450

DC Air Conditioning for telecom sites - battery compartment cooling - energy efficient capacity controlled DC air conditioning

Dantherm's DC Air Conditioners are slim line true DC air conditioners for energy-efficient cooling in Telecom networks. This unit is designed compact for ease of installation and operation.


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