Compact Designed Dehumidifying Systems

Ideal applications include:

  • Wellness centres

  • Private pools

  • Leisure centres

  • Hotel pools

  • Leisure fun pools

  • Spa resorts


The DanX XD & HP Range

DanX hp - heat pump

Ideal for additional heating

The DanX HP combines the best advantages of a heat pump and outside air dehumidification system. The combination of heat pump and highly efficient double cross flow heat exchanger is designed to perfectly control the humidity and indoor temperature.

For further energy optimisation, a water-cooled condenser can be integrated into the heat pump. This allows the excess heat, to be transferred to the pool or the hot water supply, where the energy is efficiently re-used.

Danx xd


The DanX XD is an air dehumidification system with a high efficient double-cross flow heat exchanger. This system perfectly controls the humidity and indoor temperature while offering significant running cost reductions due to energy saving of up to 90%


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