Wall and Ducted Dehumidifier Systems

Dantherm Dehumidifiers
Dantherm CDP Dehumidifiers

Dantherm CDP – Wall mounted range

With the CDP wall mounted range, adding a dehumidifier to an existing space is as simple as that.

Dantherm CDPT Dehumidifier

Dantherm Cdp/t – built in-wall range

We understand sometimes appearance is everything, so the built in-wall units allows for function without having a physical unit inside the space.

Dantherm CDP Dehumidifiers

Dantherm cdp70 – Ducted range

With this design, there’s no need to decide between function over form, have it both! Maintain the sleek look inside while ensuring the space’s climate is correctly controlled.


HINT: Are you designing a new project and unsure of how to approach a suitable design for an indoor pool?

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