Gelatin Capsule Drying

Gelatin capsules are typically small empty capsules manufactured to contain various medications and vitamin supplements. When dried at the correct temperature, gelatin capsules are soft and smooth, and resist reaction to other substances.

The manufacture of gelatin capsules requires precise temperatures and relative humidity (RH). For example, if the air temperature and humidity used to dry gelatin is too low, it will set rapidly and becomes brittle. If air temperature and humidity is too high, the gelatin will not solidify correctly. Other issues caused by incorrect temperatures and humidity levels include dimpling and shrinkage. All of these issues will affect the manufacturing process, causing costly delays and downtime, therefore moisture and temperature control are critical factors for correct gelatin capsule drying.

The use of a dessicant dehumidifier in the capsulating process will maintain the correct temperature and humidity for gelatin capsule drying, and offers an economical solution to the temperature and humidity problems experienced in gelatin capsule manufacture.

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